Your workplace reimagined

Work is evolving, so are workspaces. Workplace unifies and centralises your team's workspace, simplifies file storage, and streamlines team communication.

Zoho Workplace is a tightly integrated suite of productivity applications that becomes the online workplace for teams working remotely across geographies. For teams and departments in an organisation that want to co-create, communicate, and collaborate meaningfully, Workplace is the suite that centralises and streamlines all team files and communications.

Why is Workplace different?


Workplace offers breadth and depth across all three buckets: Creation, Communication, Collaboration. A typical workday begins with checking emails and actions triggered by these emails; collaboration happens over materials created, which sparks both one-to-one and group conversations.

Unified Interface - More than just a nice view

The unified dashboard that is fully customisable gives an overall view of everything happening within Workplace, pertaining to every individual user. Interactive widgets bring to attention the most important things and help take quick actions then and there.

Social flavour

All the apps have a social flavour to them. Even something as age-old as Mail reinvents itself for the current generation and builds social media style conversations into Streams, where emails are shared, commented on, and discussed instead of forwarded and piled up. Interactive forums, chat channels with reactions and polls, co-worker tagging in email and folder sharing are few examples.

Shared Calendar

Workplace comes with a unified Calendar for all apps that can be synced with external calendars too. All events scheduled, be it personal, in CRM, or Meeting, are available in a single view for better timekeeping and planning.

Data Security

Zoho respects your privacy and goes the extra mile to ensure your data is well-protected. Emails, files, and other data hosted with Zoho are protected with advanced security measures, including TFA, encryption, and S/MIME (for emails) so that only the intended recipients can view/access them. Zoho is also completely ad-free, even on its free accounts!

Scalability with mix and match plans

Zoho Workplace offers transparent and straightforward plans with no hidden charges. Businesses can save on infrastructure and licensing costs, with no need for manual patches or installation hassles. In addition, Zoho Workplace offers organisations the flexibility to choose different plans for different users, based on their roles and the level of participation required from them. These include the storage needs, app permissions and access to premium features.

Why thefc?

Workplace can be very easy to set-up, but we appreciate not everyone can do it 'out of the box'. So we are here to help with support options matched to your needs.

Explore the features of WorkPlace

Instant messaging
Secure, feature rich email for your business

Clean and clutter-free inbox
    • Advanced Search and Sort options
    • Filters to organise emails
    • Archival and eDiscovery

Integrated inbox with Calendar,Tasks and Notes
    • Resource booking with calendar
    • Managing to-do lists with Tasks and Notes
    • eWidgets for accessing various applications from mailbox

Sending out perfect emails
    • Automated vacation replies
    • Recall sent emails
    • Undo email sending

Sharing and team collaboration
    • Social media style collaboration with Streams
    • Draft email sharing for peer review
    • Folder sharing and delegation

Powerful control panel and email administration
    • Two factor authentication
    • S-Mimeforhighlevelsecurity
    • Creatingandmanaginggroupemailaccounts
Instant messaging
Instant messaging app for your team interactions

Accessible across Workplace suite
    • One-to-one messaging and group chat
    • Audio and video call options
    • Screen sharing and broadcastingen sharing and broadcasting

Managing online meetings
    • Initiating meetings from the chat box
    • Sync with calendar
    • Notifications to participants and MOM reminders with ZIAications to participants and MOM reminders with ZIA

Access across devices
    • Robust mobile and desktop app
    • Accessible from any browsersible from any browser

Managing chats efficiently
    • Marking messages as important, to-do, etc.
    • In-chat reminders
    • Seperate @mentions viewerate @mentions view

    • Automating daily tasks using chatbots and schedulers
    • Smooth integration with other Zoho and non-Zoho apps

File storage and content collaboration platform for teams

Shared workspaces - Team Folders
    • Unified space to store, share, and work together
    • Granular level access controls 
    • In-built office suite

Stay in sync
    • Work ofine, sync when online
    • Sync only the files you want to work on
    • Mobile apps that keep you connected at all timesle apps that keep you connected at all times

Guaranteed security
    • SOC type II and ISO 27001 compliant
    • Encryption in transit and rest
    • 24/7 secured data centres

Work outside your team
    • Share files externally
    • Set password and expiry dates
    • Create multiple link and monitor access statste multiple link and monitor access stats

Analytics & data administration
    • Comprehensive usage stats
    • Activity reports and audit trail
    • Transfer file ownershipr file ownership

Social Intranet that lets your organisation communicate and work together efficiently


Communication, without barriers

    • Social media style feeds to start conversations and stay updated
    • More context with polls, questions, and announcements
    • Fully searchable archive of conversations

Task management, simplified

    • Kanban boards to organise tasks
    • Task status to track progress, checklists, reminders, templates, and more
    • Board statistics and task reports that give the whole picture

Custom forms and workflows to automate

    • Low code, drag-and-drop form builder
    • Workflows to automate any internal process
    • Gallery of built-in apps to select from

Improved team collaboration spaces

    • Groups with built-in apps to enhance productivity
    • Granular permissions to manage members
    • Integrations, to bring all applications together

Knowledge base to create a library of resources

    • Manuals with chapters and articles to organise information
    • Publish to the entire network, or keep it private
    • Share articles and duplicate manuals

Online word processing tool with real-time collaboration

The word processor for today’s teams

From powerful tools to the beautiful, minimalistic design that doesn’t overwhelm you, Writer is crafted for modern teams and their workflows.

Bring everybody to the same page

Share your work with others and collaborate with them in real time. Track their changes and initiate contextual discussions using comments.

Get contracts signed

Manage NDA’s or contracts from start to finish. With built-in Zoho Sign integration, Writer handles everything from document creation to

automated signature collection in one platform.

Improve your writing with Zia

Zia, Writer’s AI-powered writing assistant is trained to understand and polish your writing. She’s smart enough to make grammar, style and readability suggestions based on the context of your sentences.

Automate your paperwork

Put an end to mundane work. Writer can bring-in your sales or form data from Zoho CRM and Zoho Forms and generate personalised copies of template documents in bulk.

Online spreadsheet for collaborative teams

Smart data cleaning tool

  • Remove duplicates records
  • Rectify inconsistencies in data
  • Find and fill random missing values

Work together in real-time

  • Cell and range level contextual comments
  • User, date, and range specific changelog
  • Automatic version backups with reverting options
  • Range and user specific lock settings

Integration with other applications

  • Automated workflows via Zapier and Zoho Flow
  • Bring in contextual data using custom functions
  • Collect data using Forms

Analyse and visualise data with Zia

  • Automated chart and pivot table recommendations
  • Instant answers for data-related questions
  • Voice command on mobile app

Convert print outs into digital data

  • Choose, crop, and convert images into spreadsheet data
  • Preview and correct before inserting.
  • Insert with date formats intact

An online presentation tool that lets you create, collaborate and deliver ideas

Build Ideas with Ease

  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Effortless adaptation with easy learning curve 
  • Choose from array of templates

Blend your team together

  • Realtime editing
  • Contextual commenting
  • Lock slides for unauthorised edits

Multi platform support

  • Access slides on the go - Android and iOS
  • Stage your slides through TV - Apple and Android TV
  • Smart watch integrations

Capture audience interest

  • Organise your data with charts, tables, and smart elements
  • Steer your presentations with visuals rather than words
  • Create your own path animations in no time

Reach millions around the globe

  • Publish slides and embed them onto your blogs and websites
  • Manage published versions
  • Brodcast to remote audiences across the globe


Pricing starts from as little as 80p per month for the eMail solution Zoho Mail. Just £1.60 more per month and you unlock all the features and applications of WorkPlace. Once you start you can easily manage your subscription from your control panel.

You can also enjoy a FREE trial period before you activate your subscription. The Trial will be at the Professional level to allow you to try all the applications.

Standard £2.40*

Access to Zoho Mail plus - Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Office Suite and Zoho Cliq.

Professional £4.80*

Access to all our Standard features plus - Zoho Meeting, Zoho Connect and Zoho ShowTime.

Mail Only £0.80*

Access to the Zoho enterprise

level Mail application.

* Illustrated pricing is based on a per user/per month on an annual subscription. Mail only plans are only available on an annual subscription. All prices exclude VAT.