Welcome to thefc - Where Being Different Makes All the Difference!

We are a marketing and business development agency, proud to be located in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Our strategic position enables us to effectively serve clients in Cambridge, Peterborough, and London, while also reaching international markets in the US and Europe.

In an era dominated by digital transformation, traditional ideas are being revolutionised in every aspect of our lives. From hailing cabs to making purchases, the digital world has changed the game. Even in the realm of marketing, we advocate for embracing the online realm, leveraging cloud-based solutions for customer relation ship management (CRM) through to digital engagement on traditional channels like QR codes on posters..

But for us, true disruption means not being tied to a conventional office space. Our talented team thrives in flexible work environments, whether it's their homes or shared offices, all while seamlessly utilising cloud-based project management tools. By eliminating the burden of unnecessary overhead costs associated with a physical office, we are able to pass on the benefits to you.

By choosing thefc, you gain a distinct advantage in a rapidly evolving business landscape. We are redefining the way agencies operate, offering innovative strategies and cost-effective solutions. Embrace the future with us and experience the power of being different.

Happy Individuals

Our founders, Kate and Stuart, wanted something that allowed them and their team to enjoy life, family and delivering excellent marketing and creative solutions. Founded in 2004, we are still here, still growing and still enjoying life, our families and our clients.


Having access to a talent pool located anywhere available at any time gives us and our clients a creative and engagement advantage. 

for Clients

We are not normal, not the biggest, not the agency with an office in every capital - but we have created something special that our clients all trust and that's our people. 

No matter how big or small you are, we value you.