We’re thefc and we're different

We are a micro-marketing agency and consultancy based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Our location makes us perfect for serving clients in Cambridge, Peterborough and London. We also have clients in LA, Rome and Munich to illustrate how far our reputation has taken us - all introduced by client referrals.

All around us, the digital world is disrupting our 'traditional' ideas - from hailing a cab to how we buy things. Even in our world of marketing, we're telling you to go 'online', use the cloud for your CRM and email marketing.

For us, the disruption is not having an "office". Our team work from their homes, from shared offices and utilise cloud-based project management. We also don't retain an office full of overheads that don't add value, just cost. That gives you an advantage.

Happy Individuals

Our founders wanted something that allowed them and their team to enjoy life, family and delivering excellent marketing and creative solutions. Founded in 2004, we are still here, still growing and still enjoying life, our families and our clients.


Having access to a talent pool located anywhere and at any time gives us and our clients the creative and engagement advantage. And in case you were wondering, our founders once worked for companies including Bosch, Canon and National Geographic - so we know and understand the needs of clients.

for Clients

We are not normal, not the biggest, not the agency with an office in every capital - but we have created something special that our clients all trust and that's our people. No matter how big or small you are, we value you.

Our culture

Making sure that our team exceed customer
expectations, for quality, fresh ideas and service.

Our commitment to you

You are the client and one thing we have learnt is, you are not always right. But our primary job is to make you, your product/service and/or your company shine. And we will.

Your commitment to us

The other thing we have learnt is, we are not always right. But we believe in forming partnerships with our clients and that is built on trust.

So if you don't like something, tell us.

Our Clients

We are able to work with both high profile clients and startup businesses on projects of all shapes and sizes