What do I do with all that content we've created?

01.10.20 09:48 AM By Stuart Forrester

articulate #133

Content is now the driver for traffic to our websites and our social media channels - but what do we do with all those separately created blogs, new product release, pr photos and even videos? Well in the case of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust in Stanmore, we bring them all together into a newsletter - now at edition 133!

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'articulate' benefits the Trust in several ways...

Demonstrating breadth

One content items shows one activity, and it is easy to lose sight of the whole and the possibilities you deliver to colleagues and patients.

Unity and belonging

At a time of uncertainty or growth, 'articulate' illustrates internally and externally the value the Trust places on its people and the services it delivers to patients.


 'articulate' gives the Trust a chance to say 'thank you.' In this edition that included staff, suppliers and supporters of the RNOH Charity. It means a great deal to see the words and pictures in print and publically available.


Yes, more content! The newsletter becomes a new digest of content that, in this case, is printed and physically distributed; emailed via internal and external distribution lists and electronically shared via websites and social media channels.

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the Bottom Line

We could go on about branding or even how we can distribute these newsletters with embedded video and even eShops, but for now let's agree that for all the work put into content, a newsletter seems an elegant and straightforward solution to bring it all together.

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