RNOH Private Care Branding

28.07.21 01:44 PM By Stuart Forrester

RNOH Private Care Branding

In this case study, we look at why, how and the results of a rebranding exercise carried out at RNOH Private Care, a private hospital within an NHS Trust.



  • Emotion – refreshing a tired brand
  • Differentiation from Competitors
  • Communication
    • New markets
    • New clients
    • New hospital

HOW - The Stages of RNOH Rebranding

01 - Strategy

RNOH Private Care Quality Facilities
To  develop a global brand that positioned the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Private Care as the patient and professional, first choice for neuro-musculoskeletal private care.

To identify the unique differentiator between the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Private Care and its competitors and thereby creating a clarifying statement. 
RNOH Private Care patient excellence

02 - Objectives

RNOH Private Care Finest Catering
  • Build awareness
  • Differentiate RNOH Private Care
  • To be the Best of the Best
  • Increase appeal and interest, locally, nationally and internationally
RNOH Private Care professional excellence
RNOH Private Care Reception
RNOH Private Care Physio
RNOH Private Care Catering
Success Factors

Critical –  Growth in activity and income

  • Increase in the number of opportunities/enquiries
  • Attracting and retaining Consultants and staff
  • Increase in activity in line with financial targets
  • Educating Private Care can coexist within the NHS

03 - Execution: Conceptual Design

RNOH Private Care Quality Facilities
We identified three themes from the research carried out in our pursuit to capture the essence, vision and purpose of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Private Care

  • Heritage/patronage 
  • Sensitivity/evolution
  • Modernisation
RNOH Private Care patient innovation

the Design Process

Conceive, Distill, Refine, Deploy
We have a defined process for creating brands and strategy. In this case, it included mocking-up boards to allow easy competitor comparison when looking for input by stakeholders.

Using our skills, we developed three concepts brand ideas.
Heritage concept

Concept 01 Heritage/Patronage

Concept 02 Sensitivity/Evolution

Sensitive concept
Modern concept

Concept 03 Modernisation

Chosen Concept - Sensitivity/evolution
Having chosen the concept the next step was to evolve the then logo to a modern day version with sensitivity to the historic relevance of the logo that has been associated with the hospital for over 100 years.

We again sought extensive engagement with stakeholders

RNOH Private Care final logo

Hello - The Final Logo

The final logo brought together all the input and consultation of key stakeholders. As you can see, we have elements of different iterations of the concepts - people, colour and name. Together, they formed the foundation of the brand guidelines and execution strategy.

03 - Execution: Using the Brand

RNOH Private Care Quality Facilities
At the beginning of 2019, following the relaunch of our new website and our move into state of the art facilities we embarked on a campaign to raise our profile in the UK and internationally.
  • A world-renowned specialist hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of complex orthopaedic conditions.
  • Providing the most comprehensive range of neuro-musculoskeletal healthcare in the UK.
  • A major teaching centre
RNOH Private Care patient excellence
RNOH Private Care website

Website - www.rnohprivatecare.com

One of the first executions was the application of the brand to the website. As this was already built by us, this was more about style than reinventing the whole site.

​In addition to style, we worked to add new content to improve SEO and site authenticity.
RNOH Private Care social media

Social Media

All the channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. were updated with new cover and colour options.

​Where possible, we looked to create a consistent channel username and started using a SM campaign management tool to ensure consistent updates.
RNOH Private Care print assets

Print Assets

From letterheads and business cards through to patient information leaflets and posters, we worked with our client to put in place a cost effective and timely transition to the new brand on existing assets. When new ones were developed, like the staff newsletter, they were designed in line with the new 'Design Guidelines'.
RNOH Private Care ambient media


Generating awareness is critical in creating opportunities. For the first time, RNOH Private Care used ambient media in addition to normal channels that included: -
• PPC campaigns
​• Social media
​• eMail marketing
​• Events (on and off site)

04 -     Review/Results

RNOH Private Care Quality Facilities
We are proud to say that the last three years have been incredible and that the RNOH are now considered to be...

#1 in the UK
​#9 in the World

Our analytical results combined with the 'real' results of patient numbers and the surplus returned to the NHS Trust confirm the brand and communication strategy are working very well.

Visit RNOH Private Care
RNOH Private Care patient excellence

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