Print Media Is Not Dead!

09.09.21 12:24 PM By Stuart Forrester

Print - a media for the real world

In the last few decades, digital media production has exploded while the circulation of print media saw a decline. However, to say that print media marketing is dead would be far from correct. 

The truth is that print media is not dead – it is very much alive, and we see it all around us.
The Role of Print Media Has Changed
It is also true that the role of print has changed over the years. For example, newspapers are no longer the cornerstone of advertisements. However, it doesn’t mean that all forms of print media are irrelevant. Common examples of print media that are still relevant and effective for businesses include ambient media (posters), brochures, business cards, banners, and even magazines.
Why Consider Print Media for Marketing
Let’s take a look at some reasons you should still consider while creating a marketing strategy for your business.  When employed smartly, print media can turn out to be your biggest asset.

1. Print media is Your Chance to Stand Out

Since most people have shifted to digital media, using print media for marketing purposes is now considered a unique, out-of-the-box take on marketing. So, if you want to stand out in the crowd and reach your target audience in a new and refreshing manner, then consider print. It will get you great results.

2. You Get High-Quality Leads

Print advertisement, such as placing an advert in a magazine, guarantees high-quality leads. First, these ads are highly targeted. For instance, if you are a home decor production company, placing an advert in the home section of the newspaper or a home/lifestyle magazine can really turn things around for your business. 

Easy to track - don't just add a URL, add a QR code. These are now so easy to create and for consumers to use - just point your smart phone camera at the code and bang! Your potential client is invited to your website.

3. No More Out-Of-Sight-Out-Of-Mind Marketing 

Digital media is easier to disseminate, but it is also easier to forget
Once digital ads are out of sight, they may very well be out of mind as well. On the other hand, print is tangible. You can keep a business card in your wallet, stick a flyer on the fridge, keep a brochure in your bag, and so on.
The physicality of print makes it more memorable and hence highly effective.  

4. Print Can Help You Mix Things Up

While digital marketing is excellent, it can reach a saturation point if you continuously force potential customers to view the same ads over and over again. 

Let’s face it – it can be a little annoying to see the same banner ad on every other website you visit for months! Such marketing can actually be counterintuitive and create a negative impression for your brand. Therefore, it is essential to mix things up a little by publishing print adverts.

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the Bottom Line

The bottom line is – print media is not dead. However, it has changed over the years, which means you need to utilise it smartly. Whether print is for you or not also depends on your target audience. Want to create an extraordinary marketing campaign in 2022? Then find the perfect blend of digital marketing and print media marketing. 

If you are looking for a marketing agency to help you develop a strong marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. We can take care of all your digital and print media marketing needs.