Helping Our Clients Through COVID-19

02.07.20 10:37 AM By Stuart Forrester

Its not been easy on the high street!

How we support Classic Stamford during the COVID 19 crisis
Our clients are all impacted by COVID-19. Being an agency that goes above and beyond the contract, we were prepared to help as many as possible survive and ready to 'bounce-back'.

Classic Stamford is an excellent example being both on the high street and in the building/home improvement sector. Here is summary is what we did together.

  • Communication - we quickly added 'in your face' information to the website to be clear on the developing situation. Types of information included the developing impact on client installations and their showroom opening hours. As time passed, this information was updated regularly and detailed how Classic was managing the safety of their team, their clients and their potential clients.
  • Cost Control - we manage their search marketing, and as a business, cash is king, particularly in a crisis. But as we've mentioned in previous posts, to 'disappear' overnight is not a solution. Together we agreed reducing budgets, and with some support from Google, we have been able to maintain activity.

So what has been the result of managed intervention and control? 

Today, Classic has started to come out of lock-down with a full order book and enquiries. We are now talking about increasing our level of activity while continuing to keep new and existing client informed about safety.

If you need help in marketing or developing a strategy, we can help. Our team are flexible and dedicated to clients of all sizes and operating in different markets. Contact us and see how we can help you grow and survive a crisis!