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07.11.23 08:56 AM By thefc Staff Writer

Power your business with the Bigin app for macOS Sonoma

Power your business with the Bigin app for macOS Sonoma

We work with a number of clients who use Macs - including us! But sometimes, the business solutions never seem to keep up with what's available on PC's! That's why we are really excited to show you Zoho Bigin - a low cost introduction to CRM with a native app for Mac (and PC's)!
Not only does it work on your desktop/laptop, it has Apps for iPad and iPhone to allow seamless and mobile access. And with the introduction of macOS Sonoma, Apple is evidently making significant strides towards enabling seamless communication among devices within their ecosystem and ensuring consistent features across them.
At thefc, we understand how paramount this is for our clients. Sometimes users are at their desks, working on their Macs, and require something exclusively on their smartphones—which are out of reach. With seamless communication and consistent features and functionalities across all platforms, Bigin users can depend less on any one device. 
Returning our attention to the Mac, continue reading to uncover its new features...

Interact with the widgets on your desktop

In the past, the Notification Center served as the primary hub for Mac widgets, providing a convenient way to access them. However, Apple's new approach enables you to place widgets directly on your desktop. This innovation empowers you to stay informed more easily about your activities, pipelines, and other aspects of your Bigin account.

What's more, the widgets don't sit there just to show information; they've become active parts of the apps they represent. For example, when you're managing a pipeline, you can easily move a record to the next stage by simply tapping the "Next Stage" button in the widget. Another example is the Tasks widget: You can mark a task as done by tapping the checkbox.

Access your iPhone widgets on Mac 

This aspect of cross-device synergy, as we mentioned earlier, is a noteworthy development. It's a feature bound to generate excitement among avid users of both Mac and iPhone. Typically, users set up their widgets on their iPhones first. With the introduction of Continuity, the Bigin widgets you've configured on your iPhone will seamlessly make their way on to your Mac desktop, eliminating the need for any extra setup. This streamlined experience marks a significant step towards enhancing user convenience.

Take shortcuts to the Bigin app

You can get to the important stuff in Bigin in a jiffy. Thanks to the improved Shortcuts App and Spotlight Search, it's a breeze to find and use the features you use most often. Whether you want to jot down notes quickly, reschedule calls, check your daily activities, effortlessly manage your day, or dive quickly into a detailed analysis of your pipelines, you can do it all super easily from these convenient places.

Look up the visual elements in your images

iPhone's Visual Look Up tool is your visual expert, capable of recognising a wide array of images and videos, from charming pets to exquisite artwork. Let's put it into a practical context: Picture yourself managing a service that pairs dogs with their ideal owners. When a request arrives for a particular dog breed, a mere click on the image triggers Visual Look Up. This not only pinpoints the breed with precision but also furnishes vital information to aid your matchmaking process.
Look up the visual elements in your images

Collaborate for work using SharePlay

Bigin users can come together in a FaceTime call and jointly draft an email. Within this interactive environment, they can brainstorm, refine email content, attach files, and perfect their contributions collaboratively. The integration of SharePlay has effectively transformed this goal into a hands-on and real-time experience, fundamentally altering the dynamics of team collaboration.

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In conclusion

You might have noticed that the features we're talking about are pretty much the same as what you've got on your iPhone and iPad. If you have, you can see that Apple is heading in a certain direction, and Bigin is happy to follow suit and add these features to our apps on these devices to improve your experience.

Download the app today! - HERE (It's free and this is NOT a referral links)