Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners

01.09.20 01:15 PM By Stuart Forrester

Blogging Tips that Most New Marketers Ignore

Anyone can do it...

Whether you are an experienced blogger or a newbie, following the best blogging practices is essential to start and maintain a successful blog. Creating a blog is simple. Anyone can do it. The challenging part is building an audience. If you are also having a hard time attracting readers, then take a look at these basic blogging tips for beginners that will get you started and help you attract your audience in no time.

4 Essential Blogging Tips

These four basic blogging tips can help you kick-start your blog and build a loyal reader base quickly.  

1 - Choose the Right Keywords 

The importance of choosing the right keywords cannot be emphasised enough. Keywords are an important part of SEO, which decides where your blog lands on the SERPs. Choosing the right keywords is essential to make sure that your blog reaches your audience. The trick is to choose a mix of short-tailed and long-tailed keywords. It is also important to consider the search volume and competitiveness of the keywords. 

2 - Use the Keywords Correctly 

Choosing the right keywords is not enough. You must also place them strategically in the blog. It is a good SEO practise to include the keyword in the title of the blog. Search engine crawlers go through the title and meta description of the blog to determine what your content is about. Therefore, placing the keyword in the header or title can be really helpful.

It is also advisable to include the keyword in the body of the content. However, make sure you stay away from keyword stuffing. Key stuffing entails using the keywords excessively. Doing so will reduce the readability of the blog. Plus, Google can pick up keyword stuffing and will penalise the blog by reducing its rank on the SERPs.    

3 - Think Like Your Audience

The secret to building a reader base is to prioritise quality and create high-value blogs for your audience. It is a good approach to think like your audience. Create content that solves their problems, answers their queries, or holds their interest. You may have to research your audience to understand what it is that they want to read in a blog.

Competitor analysis can be a big plus in this regard. Analyse your competitors to determine what your audience likes or dislikes about them. Learn from their mistakes and get inspired by their success, but make sure you don’t copy their style.    

4 - Create a Brand through Blogging

Did you know that you can create a brand through blogging? It is an excellent strategy to promote your brand. The trick is to develop a personalised style of writing, editing, and formatting. It is important to understand that the aesthetics of your blog is just as important as the content. 

Your audience should be able to form an instant connection between the blog and your brand. So, while you are busy creating high-value content, make sure you don’t overlook the importance of design and creativity in blogging.  

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the Bottom Line

Starting and maintaining a blog can be a rewarding experience, especially if you manage to monetise it. Blogging is also a great way to promote any products or services that you may be offering. So, take advantage of your creativity and start a blog today. Follow these basic blogging tips for beginners to start off the right way! 

You can also consult a digital agency and let the professionals handle blogging for you. If you are looking for a digital agency to help you start a blog and build a loyal reader base, you have come to the right place. Our professional content and design teams can take care of all your blogging needs.