Straplines What Are They and Why Are They Useful?

03.08.20 03:53 PM By Stuart Forrester

You probably already know that a strapline is a powerful marketing asset.  But what is it and how can it help you reach your marketing goals? Let’s find out! 

thefc - Strapline – What It Is and Why You Need One for Your Business

What are Straplines?

A strapline is a short phrase or sentence, comprising of a few words. Generally, the strapline appears at the bottom of the advert. It sums up the essence of the brand and sparks an instant connection between the advert and your brand. Sometimes, a strapline is also known as a tagline. 

Many people confuse straplines with headlines. However, strategic branding agency experts understand the major differences. The headline appears at the top of the advert and talks about the product or services that are being advertised in the said advert. On the other hand, a strapline talks about the company. It is not product or service-specific. There are different kinds of straplines, including: 

  • Descriptive straplines: These straplines convey who you are or what the brand stands for. HSBC has a great descriptive strapline: HSBC – The World’s Local Bank. 

  • Inspirational straplines: Inspirational straplines motivates the customers by highlighting the aspiration behind the brand. Apple’s strapline – Think Different – portrays the aspirational side of the company. 

  • Egocentric straplines: These straplines tell the customers what to do, prompting them to take action. It is a way of telling your customers what makes you special and what you have to offer. Subway’s strapline – Eat Fresh – is a good example of egocentric straplines. 
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thefc straplines - worth it?

Why You Need Straplines

Now that you know what straplines are, let’s take a look at how they are useful and why you should consult a strategic branding agency to get a strapline for your business at once! 

Define and Convey Your Core Values

A strapline is an excellent way of summarising and conveying the core value of your business to your customers. In just a few words, a strapline allows you to create an instant connection with your customers. It is a powerful asset that says a lot about your business and your values. One example that comes to mind is the strapline of L’Oreal – because you are worth it

Through this powerful strapline, L’Oreal conveys the message that they follow a customer-centric approach and prioritize their customers. It also shows that all their products are developed to meet the high standard of customer expectation. Finally, this creative strapline plants the idea in the buyers’ minds that L’Oreal products bring value to their lives and they are worth it. It makes them feel good about purchasing L’Oreal products! 

In other words, L’Oreal has a terrific strapline that not only conveys their core values but also employs consumer psychology to reach the business goals.

Short and Sweet Sticks in the Mind

The first step in building a successful brand is to come up with something that helps you create a unique identity in the market. A strapline can help you stand out from the crowd. Plus, it will make sure that your customer base knows and remembers you. Short and sweet is the perfect recipe for ensuring that you remain in your customer’s mind at all times. You can write long paragraphs about your core values, business ethics, and products or services. However, none of these will be as effective as a simple strapline that sticks with the customer. The best way to make sure your strapline sticks around in your customers’ minds is to make sure it appeals to their emotions. Here are some excellent examples of straplines that have an emotional element or motivate the consumers in some way. 

  • Nike – Just Do It! 
  • Tesco – Every Little Helps        
  • Skittles – Taste the Rainbow
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The right strapline can do wonders for your business. The only problem is that coming up with the perfect strapline is not easy. Therefore, it is best to acquire the professional services of a branding agency to find the ideal strapline based on your business needs. 

If you are looking for a strategic branding agency to come up with a phenomenal strapline, look no further. We can help you find the perfect strapline for your business.

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