Can I Afford Not to Have a Marketing Plan?

23.07.20 01:15 PM By Stuart Forrester

A marketing plan is considered to be a non-negotiable, core component of any business. From multinational firms to local stores, every business considers marketing analytics and implements a marketing plan on some level to meet their goals, budget, and requirements.

Good marketing plans enable companies to scale up, and great marketing plans allow them to emerge as market leaders. But what happens if you don’t have a marketing plan? Can your business thrive without a marketing plan? Let’s find out! 

What Happens When You
Don’t Have a Marketing Plan

Let’s get this straight – in today’s super competitive market; businesses cannot afford to not have a marketing plan. If your business doesn’t have a marketing plan, you are already behind the curve, and your competitors will inevitably crush you in the future.

Here’s what happens when businesses don’t implement a marketing plan or fail to keep track of marketing analytics.  

You Fail to Organise and Set Priorities

If you don’t have a marketing plan, your efforts are likely to be all over the place. You’ll keep jumping from one marketing opportunity to another and spend valuable resources without any real gains. Since creating a marketing plan requires you to set your priorities, it gives you a way forward. Once you have a target in mind, you have some direction! 

You are Unable to Create Measurable Goals 

Having a target is not enough to be successful. You must also know how to achieve it. Creating a marketing plan gives you a strategic way to achieve your goals. It enables you to not only discover your short-term and long-term business targets but also allows you to break them down into small measurable goals. This is extremely valuable as having measurable goals is the key to success! 

You Will Make Poor Business Decisions

Are your marketing strategies effective? Or are you wasting your valuable resources? Tracking the effectiveness of marketing strategies is essential to ensure that you are investing your marketing budget in the right avenues. It allows you to make smart decisions about the future of your company, which is why it is best to hire the services of an advertising and marketing company to ensure you make the right decisions. Failing to create a marketing strategy will ultimately result in bad decisions and worse budgeting. 

You Won’t Build a Brand

Branding helps you build a loyal customer base and allows you to reach your full potential in terms of revenue. It is also essential to gain a competitive edge in the market and emerge as a leader in your niche. However, building a brand is next to impossible without a good marketing plan in place. Your business won’t thrive in the market with cut-throat competition without effective branding. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a reliable brand marketing agency to get your marketing plan in order today. 

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