6 Best Marketing Strategies for 2021

26.04.21 02:53 PM By Stuart Forrester

Ready to upgrade your marketing campaign and gain a competitive edge in the market?

6 Best Marketing Strategies for 2021

Check out the top 6 best marketing strategies for 2021 here! 

Gone are the days when marketers could rely on promotional emails, informative blogs, and online ads to get the job done. While all these marketing strategies are still important, the online marketing landscape is shifting quickly. Online marketing today is much more complex than it used to be a few years back. 

Therefore, it is essential to upgrade your marketing campaign to align with the best marketing strategies for 2021.  

Every Market is Saturated

Regardless of the niche or industry, every market is saturated and competition has gone through the roof. The only way a business can stand out and gain a competitive edge is by adapting to the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Scroll down to take a look at some of the best marketing strategies for 2021.

Content Remains the King

Content marketing has been ruling the world of marketing for some time, and it will continue to do so in the future. There’s no doubt that it is here to stay. So, if you are on top of your content marketing game, you are already ahead of the curve. However, if your content was not the main focus of your marketing campaign, it’s time you give it some serious attention. 

An excellent strategy in regards to content marketing is to adopt a pillar-cluster model to publish your content. This model entails generating and organising your content topic by topic. You create a single Pillar Page, which acts as a guide and provides a high-level view of your content. The pillar page contains hyperlinks to all the cluster pages that delve into subtopics of the main topic. 

Creating a cluster page can help spread domain authority. Google will see your website as a credible and authoritative source of information. It also makes it easier to understand the site structure and find related content.  As a result, your search engine visibility will boost.  

Moreover, the pillar page and cluster pages boost each other. Meaning, if your pillar page ranks higher, the clusters will also experience a boost in organic traffic. Similarly, if a cluster page ranks higher for any keyword, it may help the pillar page gain more traffic. 
Marketing Strategy 2021 - Content is King
thefc - Marketing in 2021 Is All About Personalisation

Marketing in 2021 Is All About Personalisation

Personalised messaging strategies will get you excellent results in 2021. Modern customers prefer customised content. You have to go deeper than simply adding the name of the customer in the marketing email. To personalise your marketing content like a pro, it is essential you understand the needs, wants, and concerns of your customers. It is also important to mention that a single business can have customers belonging to varying demographics, having different consumer behaviour. Therefore, it is nothing but naïve to treat all customers equally. This makes it essential to go out and beyond your way to offer your customers a personalised experience. 

Most marketers agree that automation is the way to go about personalisation. It is an excellent tool to create and display ads dynamically, based on who is searching. It is essential to understand that great personalisation results from superior audience segmentation. Audience segmentation entails dividing the target audience into various slices based on demographics, consumer behaviours, psychographics, etc.    

Invest in Research

There’s no denying that the internet is already flooded with information. Regardless of what ideas you may have in mind for your content, someone must have covered it already. However, people still prefer new angles on every subject. You can leverage this by investing in original research. Original research allows you to offer something new and exciting to your audience. 

Plus, investing in original research means you will have the latest information. As a result, you will attract more potential customers, and your conversion rates will improve. However, that’s not all – Google m also identify you as a credible source of the latest information and boost your SERP ranking. With increased visibility, you will be able to gain a competitive edge over your competitors and churn out more significant ROIs than ever before!
thefc - Invest in Market Research
thefc Update Your Content Religiously

Update Your Content Religiously

The content that you have already published is just as important as the content you are about to publish. Did you know that making a few simple tweaks to a previously published article can help it jump ranking instantly? 

Well, Google prefers new and fresh content. So, if you have loads of blogs or articles on your website, regardless of how relevant and well-written they may be, your website will eventually suffer content decay. 

There are two ways to deal with this situation. You can either continue to produce high-quality content to replace your old content or tweak your old content. The latter is the better option and one of the best marketing strategies for 2021. Here are a few ideas to freshen up your content and repurpose it tactfully to get the most effective results with minimum efforts. 

  • Use your internal data to create and publish case studies 
  • Repackage old blogs to create helpful guides
  • Employ your webinars as video tutorials 
  • Compile past blogs and articles to create new and detailed ebooks
  • Use your visual content to create Pinterest boards
  • Turn the slideshows and PowerPoint presentations into visually appealing infographics 

While you are at it, make sure you update your website as well. First, make sure it is SEO optimised to meet the new and ever-evolving standards of SEO. Next comes the appearance of the website. Try to keep your website looking crisp and modern to attract visitors and provide them with a highly user-friendly experience.  

Explore Guest Blogging Opportunities

One of the most unexpected yet one of the best marketing strategies from 2020 was guest blogging. Guest blogging, also known as guest posting, entails posting content on a third-party website. Guest blogging offers various advantages. 

For example, it allows you to share your expertise on other websites and boosts your reach. It also helps you establish yourself as an authority figure within your niche. All these efforts work towards attracting more customers.

It is essential to mention that guest blogging almost always offers mutual benefits. Therefore, make sure you pick the right guest bloggers for your business. Here are a few things to consider before you delve into guest blogging.
  • Choose a blog or blogger relevant to your niche or industry to make sure the blogs reach the target audience. 
  • Look for a blog that has a solid audience base and followers. It’s even better if their audience frequently shares the blogs in their personal networks. 
  • Opt for a guest blogger who offers to share the blog on social media handles, such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Make sure that the guest blogger has a high domain authority. This is important as they are going to link back to your website. Choosing the right blog or blogger with high domain authority will amplify your SEO!
thefc Guest Blogging

Branding, Branding, Branding!

The importance of creating a brand cannot be emphasised enough. A brand may not be tangible. However, it is one of the most significant marketing assets for your business. It is essential to understand that a brand is more than your business logo or your tagline. Instead, you can think of the brand as the experience that people associate with your business. 

In 2021, marketers are working day and night to create brands. One common misconception that many people have regarding branding is that it is for huge businesses and large enterprises, such as Apple, Nike, Adidas, and Coca Cola.

This is far from reality as branding is equally important for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to create a loyal customer base that will purchase your products or services simply because they have a good experience with your brand. Ultimately, branding will improve your response rate and boost your sales. Here are some ideas that you can use to work on your brand.

  • Research your target audience to learn about them. Strive to provide them with the best customer experience based on their needs and requirements.        
  • Pick a personality or voice for your brand and make sure you employ it to interact with your customers on all platforms. 
  • Be different visually. This entails choosing a look – colours, styles, fonts, image types – for your brand. Again, consistency is the key. Stay relevant and consistent through all platforms. 
  • Communicate with your audience as much as possible. Define how you want your business to be perceived, and make sure you deliver on your promise! 

If you are looking for a branding and marketing agency that will help you create and execute effective marketing campaigns like a pro, you have come to the right place. We can take care of all your marketing needs, from content creation to digital adverts, branding, and designing.

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the Bottom Line

These are some of the best marketing strategies for 2021 that you can use to experience an instant boost in your ratings, which will reflect on your business sales charts. 

However, keep in mind that marketing can be a tricky business and comes with its set of challenges. So, make sure you have the right team to tackle your marketing needs.