3 Keyword Research Secrets that Will Make You Rank

13.08.20 10:12 AM By Stuart Forrester

How to do effective keyword research

Keyword research is an essential part of online marketing. Think of it as the foundation of a strong SEO strategy. The keywords you choose determine the kind of traffic directed to your website. The more relevant the traffic on your site, the higher will be the conversion rate. In short, the keywords you choose ultimately affect your sales – and the future of your business.

Scroll down to take a look at how to do effective keyword research and rank higher. 

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1. Include Transaction-Based Keywords 

The trick is to reach your audience at every stage of the buying process. You can do that by opting for transaction-based keywords. These are the phrases that include words like buy, purchase, sign up, etc. Ranking for these keywords will divert consumers to your website who are ready to make the purchase. This tiny change in your keyword strategy can play a significant role in increasing your conversion rate. 
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2. Address the Needs & Questions of Your Audience

Transaction-based keywords bring in consumers that are further down the buying process, i.e., are ready to buy. However, you need to engage customers in all stages of the buying process. Typically, there are three main stages of a buying process that consumers go through. 

  • The Informational Stage: Consumers look for informational content to learn more about the industry. 
  • Evaluation: They are ready to buy and evaluate various businesses to find the one best suited to meet their needs and requirements.
  • Contact: They pick a winner and contact them to initiate the buying process!  

You need to develop a relationship with your consumers at the informational stage to make sure they consider you during the evaluation stage and finally contact you to make the purchase. The easiest way to achieve this is to choose keywords that address the needs and questions of your consumers. 

For instance, if you own a garage, you can go for a phrase like “when to change motor oil.” The intent of the customer is clear – they are thinking about an oil change but don’t know if they should get it. You can write an informative, engaging blog post to address this query. This way, customers will land on your website. They will find the information they need, and you will connect with a potential customer.  

3. Use Keyword Tools 

Even experts at advertising and marketing companies use keyword tools to find the perfect keywords. A keyword tool will not only suggest new keywords but also provide you with valuable information like search volume, its prevalence in a particular country or region, keyword density, etc. These tools can also help you determine the competitive score of a keyword. It is generally hard to rank for highly competitive keywords.
Here is a list of keywords tools you can use for effective keyword research.

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the Bottom Line

Now that you know how to do effective keyword research, you can rank higher on any SERP. However, effective keyword research is a very broad topic. There’s a lot more to keyword research. So, if you want to find the best keywords that will make you rank higher on SERPS, work with a reliable advertising and marketing company and let the professionals handle keyword research for you. We can help you build the perfect keyword strategy for you.