What Is a Brand and Why Is Mine Not Working?

18.06.20 08:12 PM By Stuart Forrester

People who aren’t familiar with marketing terminologies tend to think of a brand as some over-the-top and overwhelming concept. In reality, a brand is a word, a logo, an image or statement that differentiates your business from other businesses. Through your brand, people identify you and remember you. Thus, it’s essential to have a brand that stands out.

 In the past, branding used to require significant investment in above-the-line marketing campaigns. Only a handful of companies could afford this. However, thanks to digital transformation and the rising popularity of social media platforms, it has become much easier for companies to reach out to their audiences and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Companies can also seek help from digital agencies and brand marketing firms that specialize in providing marketing solutions to small to medium-sized businesses. 

Building a brand is not easy. It requires consistency and effort. If you are attempting to build a brand but have been unsuccessful so far, then you may need to take a closer look at your brand strategy. 

In this article, we will be discussing some of the common mistakes that keep your brand from performing. 

So, let’s begin.

Your Brand Lacks a Goal

Before you initiate a brand strategy, you need to have a clear picture of your goals. With a goal in sight, it becomes easier to zero in on what you want and have to do. Defining goals also help you devise a list of tactics as your move forward. Furthermore, a goal enables you to shortlist the most important things and separate them from the ones that are not. It also helps you evaluate the tasks that bring you closer to your target. 

So, before initiating a brand strategy, have a goal in sight. 

Your Brand Isn’t Focused On Your Clients

Without your customers, your business will collapse in no time. Therefore, all of your branding efforts should be aimed towards fulfilling the needs and requirements of your customers. While making a brand strategy, it is very important to identify your target audience and do everything you can to learn more about them. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when you are defining your audience.

  • What is their specific pain point?
  • How exactly do they make their buying decisions?
  • What do they value most of all?

If you are having a hard time understanding your customer base, hire a professional brand marketing firm to help you out.  

You Don’t Know Your Values 

Another reason why your brand might not be performing is that you don’t know the reason behind the existence of your brand as well as the things it stands for. 

To engage your audience and create a community, you should always have something valuable to say. If you are unaware of your values, customers won’t stick around for long. 

With the right set of values, you will enable your customers to relate to your brand. Values help make a statement, which influences your customers greatly. If the brand doesn’t make a statement, your customers will go somewhere else. 

Your Brand Isn’t That Original 

One of the common mistakes that hinder the performance of your brand is that you copy too much from other brands and lack originality. It is perfectly natural to take inspiration from other brands and your competitors, but relying on their values and ideas is not a good idea. 

If customers find out that you have nothing exceptional or different to offer to them, they will move on to a different company that meets their expectations in a better way.

Wrapping It Up

These were just some of the most common mistakes that keep your brand from performing. To be successful at branding, make sure to focus all of your efforts on your customers. Also, try to be original and be fully aware of your core values. 

If you are on the lookout for a digital agency or a brand marketing firm in the UK, feel free to call us today. We can help you come up with a brand strategy that can help you create a brand that resonates with your audience. 

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